About Us

Pol-Eurocrewing Sp. z o.o. was established in 1990. The beginnings of our activities were associated with verifying the documents of seafarers employed by companies of foreign flag vessels . We have cooperated with foreign contractors preparing skilled and professional crew for ship-owners.

Since 1992, the company expanded operations to perform repairs onboard ships at the sea. We have also started cooperation with foreign partners, particularly in Norway, focusing on comprehensive servicing of projects, mainly of steel constructions. Executing client’s orders we work with trusted and reliable subcontractors. Our activities in this area bring mutual benefits to both foreign contractors by providing high quality products, consistent with their expectations and for Polish contractors, allowing them to execute orders for overseas markets and contributing to the growth of their production.

In 2012, in connection with the growing demand POL- EUROCREWING SP. z o.o. launched a new department dealing with a broad range of engineering services .